I have spoken with hundreds of citizens who could afford little time to find how to get in touch with their elected officials. Spressyourself makes it easy to contact them and know what laws and polcies they’re proposing!

Terry Marasco, Founder of Spress Yourself

Member benefits - Affect law and policy decisions and contact your elected officials in REAL TIME! You no longer go to a dozen sites to get this critical information, it’s all here
  1. Members become independent citizen lobbyists who can contact their elected officials instantly from the President down to school board officials by phone, email and thru their website
  2. When members select interests, they’re served up pending legislation, rules and regulations, and local ordinances so they can contact the sponsors in real time
    • Salt Lake County members will be served up national, state, Salt Lake County & City items
    • For the other 49 states, members will be served up all elected officials they’re eligible to vote for from President to local school board, and national and state legislation.
  3. Members recieve alerts by email and or text when new items are introduced and when they change status
  4. Members recieve notices of relevant news articles, notices of meetings, rallies and panel discussions based on interests sent by the community Moderator. Members never see other members’ email addresses
  5. The site is politically neutral. we do not recommend candidates, take or suggest positions, criticize politicians or agency administrators nor recommend party affiliation.
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