About Terry Marasco

Terry served on senior management teams as a project manager during the internet's commercial boom years (1994-2003) launching banks (e.g., Wells Fargo) and startups' customer service divisions online. He took the concepts from white boards to operations then handed off the projects to managers for 15 startups and banks. He was awarded best internet customer service for eToys-Boston Globe 1999 & NY Times mention. The milieu in which he worked: navigating unproven; unprecedented; fast-paced; uncertain; and, risk prone business and political environments.

As a community and political activist, he identified and coalesced individuals and organization stakeholders around specific issues then developed strategies for cooperation always including minorities and Native Americans. He developed strategies regarding air quality and water issues. During the time, 2005-present, he developed media skills shaping content that distilled facts around complex issues made easily understandable. He has published approximately 25 OPEDs, made local and national TV appearances, and served on local university and community panels. He is experienced with governmental lobbying (legislative and agency) at the city/county/state/federal levels.

He has served on the Utah Governor's Clean Air Team, the University of Utah Water Symposium, and many community forums. His primary activist foci are: air quality, water quality and supply, and mitigating industrially polluted toxic communities.

Terry Marasco, CEO & Community Moderator POB 4442 Salt Lake City, UT 84110