Privacy & Policy

Your Information will never be available to anyone outside of this organization except the credit card processing company. Your email and cells will not be displayed to other members. Information from the site to you will only come from our moderator.

Credit Card Info Your credit card information is managed securely by a respected processing company.

Cancellation PolicyWe would appreciate your feedback about this new site before you cancel so we can fix the issues you observed. You may cancel your membership at any time with a full refund.

Honor Code We want you to encourage friends to join and pay their fair share and would hope you don't share your texts or emails with others.

Code of Decency Messaging within and from the SPRESSYRSELF community is subject to common code of decency and should be limited to rationale opinion and language. Crude, indecent, degrading, racist, bigoted, sexual, hateful, and cursing remarks are to be avoided and a member may have their subscription cancelled without refund it this language appears in their comments and communications.

Advertising Demographics may be used to advertise to you. Your demographics are NEVER shared with the advertiser. The advertiser selects a target audience (e.g., age, educational level, owns a home, is an independent party member). The advertiser sends us the ad, we review for content, then we send the ad to members with the specific profile. we will not accept certain kinds of ads (e.g., tobacco), are subject to our code of decency, and must be original content without links to outside sources. Our goal is for advertising to pay for the site reducing membership fees as much as possible, eventually free. Ads are sent to your cell or email or both depending on your choice.

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